FTX Exchange Set to Re-Launch: Twitter Erupts with Memes!

• The FTX crypto exchange was declared bankrupt, however managed to recover $7.3 billion in liquid assets.
• Following the news, the native token FTX (FTT) doubled in price.
• Crypto Twitter users responded with a flurry of hilarious memes.

FTX Exchange Relaunching Soon

The FTX crypto exchange recently declared bankruptcy and managed to retrieve $7.3 billion in liquid assets, resulting in a doubling of the native token’s (FTT) value. Attorney Andy Dietderich claimed that FTX is set to relaunch soon, generating a surge of memes from Crypto Twitter users.

Recovery of Assets

The recovered amount is nearly $2 billion more than stated during the previous court hearing on January 11, 2023; it was also revealed that the FTX app was simply a facade with no relation to true asset flow whatsoever. It remains unclear how long it will take for FTX to relaunch, but the bold claim has generated excitement among investors and spurred many funny reactions online.

Funniest FTX Memes

Crypto enthusiasts reacted to this news with humorous memes depicting various scenarios such as comparing their move to the Trojan Horse trick invented by Ancient Greeks or speculating Sam Bankman-Fried’s next moves while playing League of Legends on house arrest at his parents’ house. Here are some of the funniest ones:

TOP 5 Memes on Twitter

5th – The Trojan Horse: Will SBF be let back in? 4th – Sam’s Wake Up Call: Is Alameda 2.0 next? 3rd – The Two Wolves: What sides will Sam take? 2nd – Not That Easy: How will SBF protect himself? 1st – Return of FTT: Can FTT reach new highs?


The news about FTX recovering its lost assets has been welcomed by investors and traders alike who have responded with humor and anticipation regarding their potential return as an exchange platform soon!