Trump Cards Soar 22%, NY Grand Jury Indicts Trump

• Donald Trump is facing legal trouble after a Manhattan Grand Jury has indicted him on over 30 counts of business fraud.
• Following the news, Trump Cards NFT floor price soared by 22%, making it worth ten times more than the initial $99.
• Trump Card owners see them as relics that will hold historical value in the future.

Donald Trump Indicted on Criminal Charges

Manhattan Grand Jury has officially indicted Donald Trump with over 30 counts of business fraud, including the hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. This unprecedented legal action marks the first case in which an ex-US President has been charged with criminal charges.

Trump Cards NFT Floor Price Rises Sharply

Following the news, Trump Cards NFT floor price soared by 22% to $1,070. This makes Trump Cards NFT worth ten times more than its original $99 value, and now has a market cap of $48 million stored on Polygon (MATIC). The remade version of this same collection on Polygon includes sweepstakes related to Donald.

Trump Fans Push His NFTs To New Heights

Trump’s famed Trump Cards NFT collection tripled in trading volume in the last 24 hours as enthusiastic fans traded 105.069 Ethereum (ETH) – equal to around $189,000. Some card owners view these cards as artifacts that will hold historical significance in the future.

Details Of The NY Indictment

The full details of the NY indictment have not yet been disclosed as it was done under seal; however, a mysterious witness spoke for 30 minutes during the hearing and allegedly provided significant proof of bribing Stormy Daniels to stay silent.

Donald Denies All Allegations

Donald denies all allegations against him but his trials and tribulations have sparked activity in both legal and digital markets alike. His indictment serves as an extraordinary development after years of investigations into his personal and political dealings that are likely to galvanize critics and embolden supporters alike.