Win $25,000 in Crypto and NFTs from Doritos‘ Triangle Studios Metaverse!

• Doritos is launching a new musical metaverse on Polygon with a $25,000 crypto and NFT giveaway.
• Players can explore the Doritos Triangle Studios Metaverse to use drum pads and mini-games, create custom beats, and get awarded in NFTs.
• The event will last three days and the last mystery boxes NFT will be airdropped on February 10th, 2023.

Doritos Launches Polygon (MATIC) Metaverse

Tortilla chip brand Doritos has launched its Triangle Studios Web3 project in collaboration with Polygon (previously Matic). As part of the launch, they are offering a $25,000 crypto and NFT giveaway.

Giveaway Prizes

The prizes include limited edition wearables compatible with Decentraland, exclusive NFTs from the Meebits collection, Web3 sneakers from RTFKT (a subsidiary of Nike), and two custom-made gaming PCs. The top tier prize is an iconic surrealist writer Takashi Murakami crafted one-of-a-kind NFT.

Music Experience

Players can explore a world inspired by Doritos with wearables for their avatars like Soaring Sizzle Suit topped with ChipChain and a rather cheesy Nacho Headset. Furthermore, they can jam in the musical metaverse with drum pads and mini-games to create custom beats that get awarded in NFTs.

No Purchase Necessary

Participants don’t need to pay an entrance fee or connect their wallet as they can access Decentraland’s Doritos Triangle in guest mode at coordinates -68; -120.

Event Timing

The sweepstakes will begin on February 8th until February 10th when the last mystery box NFT will be airdropped at 3:00 PM GMT.